Hope Baptist Church views investing in missions as a priority of the Bible and a stewardship from the LORD. As a church, we seek God about how He would have us invest His money in global missions. Our strategy reflects our understanding of God’s revealed will for the world AND the reality of the current evangelistic state of the world.

The Great World Need

85% of the world’s Bibleless peoples live in the 10/40 Window; and almost 6000 of the 6900 Unreached People Groups live in the same region. 1200 of these Unreached People Groups are unengaged (no one has even set foot on the dirt with the intent to tell them of Jesus). Reaching the unreached was certainly of greater priority to Paul than was ministering to the reached. (Romans 15:18-24) In lieu of this information, how can we keep sending missionaries only to where missionaries already are? Acts 1:8 is “both … and” (Jerusalem is people like us nearby; Judea and Samaria is people not like us nearby; and the Uttermost is people unlike us far away); this is missions—reaching all of the above.

Our church currently has a variety of mission partnerships in our strategy of fulfilling our obligation and debt in the Gospel.

Partnering in Missions

If you are interested in initiating a world missions partnership with Hope Baptist Church and are seeking to present your field to our church, you may contact us at missions@hopebaptistcowan.org


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