What To Expect

Your first visit somewhere can feel uncomfortable because there are many unknowns: Who to talk to, where to go, how to participate and maybe what is provided for different age groups. Here are some answers to the most common questions our guests ask.

Is The Nursery Provided?

Yes. We provide a nursery for ages 0 to 3 where you will be met with friendly experienced ladies. The most accessible entrance is on Peach Street between our main building and the fellowship hall and is adjacent to our auditorium.

How long are the services?

Most services last around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What to expect the first time I visit?

If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, speak or give anything in the offering. Many people just come to listen, enjoy the service or see if Hope might be the place they want to be a part of and grow spiritually.

How Should I Dress?

There is no dress code at Hope Baptist Church, for members or guests. Our ministry leaders and many of our church family dress in traditional “Sunday” dress; however, our main goal is to make you feel welcome and comfortable at Hope Baptist Church.

Am I expected to participate in the offering?

No! We do not invite you to Hope Baptist Church for your offering. We want our service to be a pleasing gift to the Lord and to you. We hope you find a family atmosphere, truth from God’s Word and a place to grow in God’s grace. Please do not feel any obligation to participate in the offering as a guest.

What kind of music should I expect to find?

We love great music which honors and glorifies God. You will enjoy the way we worship in song through a blend of traditional hymns and choruses. We also desire to learn new songs rich in biblical truth that honor God in a worshipful way.

What are the children's ministries like?

Children are a top priority here at Hope Baptist Church. Jesus instructed us not to turn children away nor hinder them in their spiritual development. We provide exciting specialized children’s worship. Half way though our morning service the children 4-year-olds through 6th grade are dismissed to our fellowship hall. Experienced teachers take every precaution to ensure their safety and well-being during this time.

Why do you have more than one service?

When we gather together, the Scriptures give us clear instructions on what we should be doing as a church family. In order to be obedient to our Lord, we have designed our services to accomplish this.

Sunday morning at 10 am, is a time to study the Bible together, have interaction, and answer questions people may have.

Sunday morning at 11 am is a time the church can focus on praising and worshiping God through song, the spoken Word, prayer, and thanksgiving.

Sunday evenings are designed for family worship. This format engages all members of the family with things like song choice, an object lesson, and a children’s activity sheet.

Wednesday evenings are a time we set apart to pray as a church family. A short lesson from God’s Word is given to help us communicate better with our heavenly Father. We then share requests and spend time actually praying for our community, families, and those we know around the world.


Phone: 931.636.4666

Email: pastor@hopebaptistcowan.org

Address: 110 Poplar Street Cowan, TN 37318